Stare Out The Window

Waiting on the train
Staring out the window
Imagining day dreaming
Dressing our foot prints in the sand
Waves push the ocean over paths we've traveled

It's where we are supposed to be
Feelings so high we cannot let be free
I want to run away with her today
I want to hold and protect you on delay
Sometimes my heart will be shaking
Gathering our love to be glee

Wake me up
I never want to close my eyes without you
Wake me up

So much to take for granted
Forget it
We'll start a new beginning without it
Run away
Run away
Happiness, the only thing for you to become yourself again

I had enough time to believe
As my heart beats on its sleeve
For later and everything, I want to give

Description: An original love song I wrote a few years ago on my break at work. Found this while cleaning up. Hope you guys like it 😊
I shot this on my last trip to Shenandoah last October, and I wanted to try something different with my editing, and combine colors with layering techniques to achieve this effect! Hope everyone has a great day! ☺️❤️☺️