Star Seeker Edit in Photoshop

Here is the process of elimination with my piece, Star seeker I just posted from start to finish. This video in total was 4 hours and 30 minutes of footage compressed into one minute for instagram Lots of deleting and going back and forth but I always had they vision for the theme. Below is the short poem and description for this piece. I used photoshop and adobe premiere to edit alongside LightRoom
Song credit: netsky
Down this road of mountains clouds and sky, I will forever look past the stars to find your beating heart waiting. The feeling of loneliness, nevermore.

Description: The theme here in this photograph is about love and separation. For people who are hopeless romantics, and for those who are distanced, but never feel loss of those people who've affected them in such a way that love will never fade away.
I wanted to challenge myself and edit a photographic art piece, because it's been a good while since my last, and wanted to get back at it with layering and painting in photoshop
I will post the video of going through the process of elimination from start to finish very soon. Have a Happy Black Friday and be safe out there! 🦃🍂💙❤️🍁😊