A guide to Hiking The Whiteoak Trail in Shenandoah National Park

This is an amazing trail to check out - best decision I've made to discover and test my physical and mental toughness with spectacular views of the waterfalls. So worth it!

This was a challenging hike to say the least. I recommend taking the time to study the map, and make sure you have a head start in the early morning hours, because this could take about 6-8 hours to complete and maybe more with extra exploring. The round trip is a total of 7.3 miles (11.8 km) from the Skyline Drive parking lot to the Whiteoak Canyon Trailhead parking lot (mile 42.6) to the final waterfall of the lower three. The elevation is moderate with a 900-foot drop to the upper falls, but an additional 1,100 feet to the lower falls. A total of 2,000 feet in elevation change. Be prepared for a temperature change as well – at the time of the hike last April, the starting temperature was just above freezing, and dropping in elevation with a few short hours later, it went all the way up to 70F. Quite warm when you have a backpack, and constantly on the move. Make sure to keep time when the sun will set. This will determine what time to arrive and leave.

After the moderate first half of the journey, you can stop and enjoy the three upper falls. Hearing the soothing sounds of water trickling down towards the waterfalls is wonderful, and so calm. A gorgeous site you cannot forget. Collecting your thoughts with meditation are ways that help me move forward. From this point, you can take a breather to watch the waterfall from above and recoup for the next journey to the Lower falls. A good 15 minutes is enough time to get ready for the steep challenges ahead.

During this time, you will notice the elevation is much steeper than the previous 2.3 miles, and gets tougher. I suggest a walking stick to help alleviate the strenuous use of the muscles in your legs to prevent cramping. Make sure to hydrate every so often with an ample amount of water and electrolytes. On the way down to the lower falls, watch your footing and take your time with lots of caution with uneven rock, and roots from trees branching out that could trip you. The last thing you need is a sprained or broken ankle trying to get back to your car.

You have now made it to the lower falls! Please take as much time as you need to enjoy the last of the Lower Falls. Rest up a little more with 30 minutes, and fuel up with some food and water. Go photo crazy, and take as many photos as you would like, because you never know when you will come back. In the meantime, take a mental note of time and focus on the journey back up the mountain. With exhaustion looming, stay positive and hydrate. Higher elevations can cause you to lose more liquids, so keep that a priority.



This hike is for the more experienced, physically, and mentally tough individual. Always prepare, and make sure you know your body. There are black bears and lots of wildlife here so be on the lookout. Black bears usually keep their distance, and are skittish from humans. Do not panic if you encounter a black bear. Be vocal with your hiking partner, and stay calm. In rare cases move around the bear, and respect their space. After all, this is their land, and most importantly, their home.  

A Special Thank You To All of You!

Instead of writing a story, I wanted to let you all now that I am very grateful for the following here and the feedback I've received. It has been very rewarding and to hear some of you tell me that I inspired you to shoot! Messages with questions how my thought process is when I write songs, what vision I have when I go in with editing is pretty cool!
Even when those times when I cant produce, I also get inspired by your work and it kicks my butt into gear, so I can get to work. There are a lot of talented people here, and we all have a gift! I honestly don't think my photography is the best, but I keep trying harder to succeed. Thank you for all of your likes and comments and I really, really appreciate you guys! THANK YOU! ❤❤❤

Stare Out The Window

Waiting on the train
Staring out the window
Imagining day dreaming
Dressing our foot prints in the sand
Waves push the ocean over paths we've traveled

It's where we are supposed to be
Feelings so high we cannot let be free
I want to run away with her today
I want to hold and protect you on delay
Sometimes my heart will be shaking
Gathering our love to be glee

Wake me up
I never want to close my eyes without you
Wake me up

So much to take for granted
Forget it
We'll start a new beginning without it
Run away
Run away
Happiness, the only thing for you to become yourself again

I had enough time to believe
As my heart beats on its sleeve
For later and everything, I want to give

Description: An original love song I wrote a few years ago on my break at work. Found this while cleaning up. Hope you guys like it 😊
I shot this on my last trip to Shenandoah last October, and I wanted to try something different with my editing, and combine colors with layering techniques to achieve this effect! Hope everyone has a great day! ☺️❤️☺️