A Time When My Words Floated Softly In The Fog

A time when my words floated softly in the fog
Searching for the one thinking how it would feel to kiss you
You then came here to lay with me
Holding my hand
Dreaming together
Sketching our thoughts with electricity
Waves fast forwarding time

As your mind wanders like a brush with endless pallets of color
Doorways to scenes of our first kiss
The love of nirvana in your eyes
Finding ways into my heart
Into my eyes
Into my heart

Your eyes closed
My finger tips traveling on your soft skin
Raised hair from static in the air
Fluttering our hearts like butterflies skipping through the wind
On this mountain of solitude and strength
Protecting you with every second in my arms
To never go a day without you

Description: An original love song I took so much time today to write about. I needed it to be perfect, and hope you enjoy it.
Latest post from today's weather out in the snow taking some time away from the house... down the street actually to enjoy the snow flakes past me by, with birds chirping in the background while the loud humans are tucked away in their beds watching Netflix. I did not edit this shot. All settings were directly set on camera. Even the snow created a soft effect on my polarizer filter from Hoya Filter USA with my Canon 7D

© Demetrios Varoumas, All Rights Reserved

walking pass the reflection Pool

This day walking pass the reflection pool, staring ahead of me, The Lincoln Memorial from a distance was the size of the penny, getting closer where it was grander than anyone could ever imagine. Where so many have protested, shared, and even held hands of love listening to words of Martin Luther King Jr. means so much to American history. For everything this symbolizes for all of us who visit understand what it means to fight for something you're passionate about. This is the place to feel a man's Dream a reality for all. Please never forget to stay strong, and never give up. Hurdles are what makes us tough, and resilient. You will forever be enshrined.