After The Fog

After a foggy rainy morning, the clouds broke, letting the sun shine down on Shenandoah National Park with the Blue Ridge Mountains revealing itself. The views here are breathtakingly beautiful! If you ever have the chance, please make the trip and ride along skyline drive. 

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great Saturday everyone!

walking pass the reflection Pool

This day walking pass the reflection pool, staring ahead of me, The Lincoln Memorial from a distance was the size of the penny, getting closer where it was grander than anyone could ever imagine. Where so many have protested, shared, and even held hands of love listening to words of Martin Luther King Jr. means so much to American history. For everything this symbolizes for all of us who visit understand what it means to fight for something you're passionate about. This is the place to feel a man's Dream a reality for all. Please never forget to stay strong, and never give up. Hurdles are what makes us tough, and resilient. You will forever be enshrined.

Fall In Shenandoah National Park

Hey everyone! 🍂🍁🌾🎃🌝⬅🤓 The cooler weather is finally here and getting out to hike is much easier now to check this beautiful place here at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Every overlook has beautiful views of this sacred landscape 

This was taken on Shenandoah National Park near The Blackrock Summit trail and looking at Trayfoot Mountain. If you do visit, take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyline drive - There's so much to do and see! Hope everyone here has a great day and weekend to follow!