West Coast Road Trip Day 3 (Red Rock State Park, Bryce NP, and Zion)

I surprisingly had a great night’s sleep from the long journey the day before. Never able to sleep through the night, I felt refreshed, and excited to get out of this Motel 6 with many miles to trek on day three to three destinations.

With Red Rock Canyon State Park, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks ahead, we were prepared for the mind blowing views, and challenges ahead. Within 10 minutes of the road, I saw Fremont Indian State Park on the way so I figured a stop was needed to check it out.

Pretty cool landscape, but we decided that we didn’t want to pay to park and see the museum with lots of miles to conquer ahead. Feeling frugal, we opted out and decided to keep going. After an hour or so we saw a shop that made their own jerky, and was also a gift shop. Not keen on gift shops, but sometimes you might be able to find something unique. Having the urge for some protein, I think it was a must. On the verge of being “hangry” they had a crap ton of jerky from elk, turkey, beef, boat, venison, and more, I could not decide. After 10 minutes of contemplation, I went with the beef option this time around. 

In order to get to Bryce National Park, you’ll have to pass Red rock canyon which I did not mind at all. Stopping here for an hour or so was neat to see this awesomely cool landscape. These formations are one of a kind and only in this part of the world. It’s crazy after millions of years these formed such beauty.

Stopping at the visitor center to get some souvenirs, and say hi to Smoky the bear! 

After leaving the park to head over to Bryce, the blue skies above started getting filled with clouds and then snow! The temp dropped like 30 degrees.After getting situated and filling out our stamp books, we headed out to The top of Rainbow mountain.



This day's visit had some crazy weather. Snowing to 75F within a couple hours is probably why this place has such dramatic geological properties. After taking a few photos, the drive up to Rainbow Mountain was pretty spectacular just below 10k feet. Seeing it in person and feeling the motions of vertigo setting in, makes it real. So blessed to be able to take this trip with more photos to show y'all! and more to come in part 2 so stay tuned!