Days of Wander

© Demetrios Varoumas, All Rights Reserved

© Demetrios Varoumas, All Rights Reserved

Days we wondered who we would meet
Days we wondered who we would see
We cross paths only to find one another
Spinning circles beneath our feet
Pedaling along on the same street
We go through the bumper lanes
Finding ourselves driving down to see the world we were meant to live in

Searching for one another
From your heart to theirs
Connections bind your energy together
Illuminating the ground below
That feeling of anxiety
Feeling of nervousness
Thoughts of love
The very things that makes it work
With each beat of my heart
I will love you 'till the end


Description: An original love song I took so much time today to write about. I needed it to be perfect, and hope you enjoy it.
Latest post from a few days ago with the weather out in the snow taking some time away, enjoying the snow flakes past me by, with birds chirping in the background was a nice setting to be immersed in. All settings were directly set on camera. From color balance, sharpness and more. Even the snow created a cool effect on my polarizer filter.