As a photographer, you have to be a visionary with what you have in front of you conveying how things are naturally, producing something that is originally uncanny. I am always looking for ways to be creative and try something different, because it keeps my work fresh and original. I am heavily influenced by Jackson Pollack and Salvador Dali, because they displayed such emotion in an imaginative world that they’ve created. I do various styles of photography from portraits, landscapes, architecture, and more. I am open to all project styles that come my way. Advertising, Real Estate, Promotional, anything that you need help with, contact me and we can work out the details
During a shoot, I focus on capturing real moments in time, because I believe each photograph should convey a pure genuine emotional experience, and I hope to bring out those qualities in each shot I produce. I do on location work which means I come to you. I will work with you to create a unique customized photo shoot that will reflect who you are and the mood you desire. I want to create amazing and exclusive images for you, and others to enjoy
Forever dreaming about clouds floating on zero gravity, the air pushing my soul towards fate, leaving the world behind, no excuses, with you, I’ll wait.
— Demetrios Varoumas